Hello! My name is Brendan & I am Mastering Tricking.

To me, Tricking is a discipline; A physical movement that can be mastered through intense training. During my progression as a Tricking athlete, I create Educational Tricking Content to grow this community, document my progression, & share my knowledge.

Mastering Curriculum Video Series

A series of videos created to help trickers with understanding Tricking terminology & progression structure. Each volume of the series presents trickers with skills of similar difficulty.

Tricking Tutorials

Mastering Tricking began with my love of tutorials. A tutorial is a video that teaches a concept within tricking. Some tutorials focus on individual tricks, while others might teach health and progression.

Samplers, Gatherings & Other Content

On my way to master Tricking, I plan to document my progression by creating video content. I create samplers to show my growth & gathering videos to share my experiences. By sharing my perspective, I hope to create a better future for Tricking.