Frequently Asked Questions on TRICKING & Progression

Q: How long does it take to get good at Tricking?

A: It takes most athletes 3+ years to develop a style and progress to elite skills like Double Cork. That said, different athletes will progress at different rates. Some athletes will get good fast and others will require a bit more time. Athletes with strong bodies will often progress more quickly than those who are more frail.

Q: Do you need a background in Martial Arts to start Tricking?

A: No background is necessary to begin Tricking. Not only that, many athletes have mastered the sport without any background at all. A background in any movement discipline will help, but it is certainly not a requirement.

Q: Is Tricking dangerous? How do I avoid getting hurt?

A: Just like Gymnastics or Taekwondo, Tricking carries with it a certain degree of risk. That said, this risk can be mitigated by training skills of an appropriate difficulty. Athletes who are new to Tricking should avoid difficult or risky skills and focus on training their fundamentals.

Q: How often should I trick?

A: When deciding how often they should train, an athlete should listen to their body and follow its guidance. If the athlete is sore, they should stretch. If an athlete is tired, they should rest. if an athlete feels good and ready, they should train! There is no standard for training frequency, so the athlete must self moderate by listening to their body.

Q: Do I need to be super strong or flexible to trick?

A: No, but those who are strong and flexible have an advantage when Tricking. This sport is extremely physically demanding, so a better body will result in better tricks. That said, the strength and flexibility needed to trick will develop over time as the athlete progresses.

Q: What is the goal of Tricking?

A: Every Tricking athlete has a different approach when it comes to the sport of Tricking. There are competitive athletes who seek to battle in the arena, recreational athletes who train for their community, and driven athletes who seek to develop a style or idea. Personally, I want to collect all the skills in Tricking.