Tricking is a high level sport that combines acrobatic skills with martial techniques in order to create an aesthetically pleasing movement. With that in mind, Tricking is extremely difficult to learn & intimidating to start. This section contains a list of educational resources to help you begin your Tricking Journey. Remember to train at your own risk & be safe!

The Fundamental Kicks

Tricking is a sport that integrates martial technique in a non-violent movement. These kicks from Taekwondo teach a tricker important lessons like chambering, spotting & targeting. This video provides trickers with a solid foundation for progressing to later Tricking kicks.

The Starter Tricks 

The sport of Tricking is about collecting tricks, then creating combos by performing those tricks sequentially. This video teaches the starter Tricking terminology by demonstrating a diverse array of basic skills from various different movement disciplines.

The Starter Combos

Combinations are an extremely important part of Tricking. A tricker can craft their combos to express an idea or demonstrate their strength. Drilling combos is a great way to create muscle memory & develop kinesthetic awareness. This video demonstrates many different examples of starter tricking combos.

How to condition for tricking

Tricking is an extremely physically demanding sport. If your body is not in good physical condition, Tricking could be dangerous & potentially cause injury. By conditioning our bodies, we can help prevent injury & extend our athletic longevity. This video equips trickers with tools they can use to condition their bodies for Tricking.

Understanding Tricking Progressions

Every trick builds to a harder more difficult trick. The basic skills of tricking evolve into more advanced skills by making small incremental changes over time. One trick blends into the next as trickers improve their skills. This video shows how tricks relate as a tricker moves up & down the progression chain.

Join the community

Tricking is more than just a sport, it is a community of athletes who are all sharing a journey of self improvement. Trickers participate in their community by creating content & sharing their thoughts. This section contains a list of resources that connect trickers to the Tricking community.

Tricking Samplers

A sampler is a video of someone tricking that documents their progression at a certain point in time. Creating samplers provides trickers with an opportunity to study their tricks & make positive changes. By sharing their sampler, a tricker gets valuable tips, advice & feedback from the Tricking community. This is one of my favorite Tricking samplers titled “Body of Work” by Michael Guthrie.

Tricking Gatherings

A Tricking Gathering is an in-person meeting of the Tricking community. Athletes from all over come together in one location to train & improve their skills. Every gathering is different. Some events focus more on learning & progression, while others focus on competition & battles. This video by Sean Sevestre documents Hooked Gathering, the worlds biggest Tricking gathering!

Tricking Online

Many trickers are online content creators who serve to connect their community & share their Tricking knowledge. By using the internet, a tricker can connect with the world’s greatest athletes & follow their Tricking progression. This video by Kyle Skelly shows one of the world’s greatest Tricking prodigies, Shosei Iwamoto.

Keep moving forward

The journey to master Tricking is not easy. It requires extreme athleticism & unrealistic dedication. When embarking on this journey, a tricker should use every resource they can find to improve & progress. This section contains links to additional resources that trickers can explore as they progress along their Tricking Journey.