A Sampler is a video created by a Tricking athlete that documents their Tricking at a certain point in time. Some Samplers focus on the athlete’s progression and others center around a concept or idea.

A Gathering is a meeting of Tricking athletes at a certain time and place. Most gatherings are put together by an organization or group and hosted at a gym or professional facility.

Ice Lord Samplers

A series of videos documenting my style as I develop it. Style in a tricking sense refers to the characteristics or traits associated with an athlete’s movement. I want my tricks to be clear and defined which creates a style that looks both clean and controlled.

Euphoria Gatherings

The local DMV gathering hosted by Euphoria Tricking. This gathering has been the family gathering of the DMV community since before I began Tricking. Their love for Tricking shows and their events have given me some of my favorite memories.

NEO Gatherings

Hosted by the Tricking athletes of North East Ohio is NEO Gathering. This event is the largest Tricking Gathering in the entire United States. This year’s NEO gathering had over 250 athletes all training together. It is an amazing event and a right of passage for Tricking athletes.

Other Gatherings & Events

Every event is a privilege and makes me grow in new, unexpected ways. Here are some of my favorite events in recent history. To have me at your event, please fill out the form on the contact page and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.