Tricking is an extremely physically demanding sport. This means that for a Tricking athlete to succeed, they must maintain their bodily health. Building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy and comes with obstacles and challenges. In this section, I share my perspective on maintaining a healthy body and developing the holistic strength and flexibility needed for Tricking.

Conditioning for Tricking

The sport of Tricking requires a large degree of strength. A Tricking athlete must use their muscles to fight gravity and push their body into the air. Tricking requires a strength of movement which can be developed using calisthenics and other conditioning tools.

Flexibility & Warm up

Tricking athletes must be able to move their body freely. If an athlete is held back by a lack of flexibility, it can cause a lot of pain when training. Flexibility can be improved with aggressive stretching and maintained with routine stretching. Stretching also plays a vital role in recovery.

Injury & Falling

Tricking is a high risk sport that puts the athlete’s body on the line. With that in mind, I recommend every athlete do what they can to mitigate the risk of Tricking by using a smooth and gentle progression. Athletes should also avoid behaviors that put their bodies at excessive risk.