Mastering Tricking began with my love of video tutorials. Athletes within the Tricking community would make content to help others progress and post that content online for all to see. I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today without the generous work of those individuals.

I hope to pass that on by creating a wealth of tricking content that helps others learn and progress. My tutorial making has improved along with my tricks, so bear in mind the quality will change periodically as you progress through the site.

Basic Tricks & Fundamentals

When an athlete starts Tricking, they should collect a variety of basic tricks. Basic tricks are fundamentals that have little risk to the body and are the base of progression chains. By doing this, the athlete will develop the bodily strength and kinesthetic awareness for more advanced skills.

Intermediate Tricks & Variations

After learning a ton of basic tricks, athletes can move up the progression chain to learn intermediate tricks and variations. These tricks begin to add twisting and kicking to the base skills learned in the earlier progressions. These skills have a greater risk and should be approached with caution.

Advanced Tricks & Progressions

Tricking athletes specialize their training to work up a progression chain to learn advanced tricks. Tricking is a deep sport and athletes have a variety of choices when approaching advanced skills. The difference between Cork and Double Cork is huge. Approach these tricks carefully.

Keep Collecting!

As you progress through the sport of tricking continue to collect skills that interest you and draw your attention. Every trick is an individual journey within itself allowing you to grow however you want. Remember to be safe and scale appropriately!

If you want a more detailed approach, I invite you to check out The Mastering Curriculum!