The Tutorial Archive

The Mastering Series is what started it all! Each week I created a new tricking tutorial to share my experience & knowledge. After a year of making videos, I had made over 50 tricking tutorials & created a community for dedicated tricking athletes. This page chronicles The Mastering Series from start to finish. As you enjoy the tutorial archive, please consider becoming a Patron of Mastering Tricking and checking out my latest educational tricking content.

Butterfly Twist Hyper Hook Tutorial

A tutorial to go over the butterfly twist hyper hook. the technique is dissected highlighting the four steps, being dip, set, twist, then hook. Breaking down the technique is essential for this difficult trick!

Kip-Up Tutorial

A tutorial that breaks apart the Kip-Up. Dissecting the technique & introducing conditioning relevant to the Kip-Up. Finally, Kip-Up variations are presented in order to inspre creativity.

Cart Full Swipe Tutorial

A tutorial outlining the cart full swipe. Starting with the prerequisite skills, then explaining the technique, & finishing up with a full progression.

The Ultimate Guide to Pointing Your Toes

A complete tutorial on the process behind pointing your toes. This tutorial discusses the technique as well as key conditioning drills for muscle development. 

Macaco Tutorial

The Macaco is a skill that develops a trickers backwards air awareness. By drilling the Macaco a tricker can get over backflip fear & develop their kinesthetic awareness. 

Butterfly Twist Swing Tutorial

A tutorial for using the butterfly twist as a set-up. Focus your attention on the eagle to set transition during the swing to create the flip need for powerful swing tricks.

Cart Full Crowd Awakener Tutorial

Every crowd awakener is just a Double leg with a middle split. These two techniques are contrasted in order to create a path for the athlete to follow. 

Where to Begin Tricking | A Complete Beginner Tricking Tutorial

Tricking is the most diverse sport in the world, because of this it is often a struggle to find a place to begin. This is meant to give new trickers direction & confidence as they move forward collecting new tricks.

Butterfly Kick Break  Fall Tutorial

I first learned this trick by crashing my body countless times into the ground after watching the Andy Le's sampler "No Mercy" where he performs a similar technique. I am pround to give my take on such an iconic trick.

Cart Full Double Leg

One of the first variations I learned as a tricker. The skill starts just like a normal cart full, then explodes into the double leg kick.

Inward 360 Dive Roll Tutorial

A fun transition that a tricker can use to turn 90 degrees from the start. The Inward 360 Dive Roll is a useful tool for trickers who want to combo in a nonlinear pattern.

Spyder Tutorial

The Spyder is a Transition skill that turns the athlete 180 degrees. I explain the technique for the trick & give a progression for learning the Spyder Twist.

Recovering From Injury | My ACL Experience | The Saiyan Mentality

An in-depth tutorial describing injury. I provide all the experience I gained from my largest injury my ACL tear.

Parafuso Tutorial

the parafuso is explained as the first double leg kick a beginner should learn. A double leg kick, performed from a cheat take off is what makes a parafuso. The parafuso is one of the easiest double leg variations to learn & master.

An introduction into vertical spin kicks

Vertical spin kicks are introduced in a progressive format. starting with the pop 180 crescent, then moving on to the tornado kick, & ending on the Fei-Long.

The Dragonfly variation tutorial

the dragonfly variation was one of the tricks that inspired my progression. The dragonfly is a side kick executed as an athlete swings for a  skill. Various examples of the dragonfly are described & demonstrated. as I visualize the technique. 

Envergado Tutorial

the envergado is usually used as a set-up for vertical spin kicks & learning this skill can help a tricker scale up to harder kicks. The envergado is explained focusing on prerequisite skills as they provide a path to progression.

Hip STRENGTH & Flexibility

As a tricker, most of the power behind kicks & the drive in flips is created by the hips. having strong & flexible hips is essential to progressing safely in the sport of tricking. In this tutorial I go over a complete routine to condition & stretch the hips for tricking.

How to warm up | BEGINNER tricking tutorial

A warm up is essential to a good session & does wonders for injury prevention. In this tutorial, I describe the normal warm up routine I perform before every session & give some tips on session structure.

Double cork tutorial

Adding an extra spin is as simple as twisting tighter, so in this tutorial I explain the progression that turned my single cork into a double cork. 

Standing Full tutorial

The most requested tutorial yet! The standing full is taught using the tricking technique. the resulting back full is off axis & a good transistion skill for those trying to learn the cork. 

Rodeo COrk Tutorial

The rodeo cork is taught from the perspective of the cork. It only takes a few calculated drills to take a strong cork and turn it into a rodeo. This is probably my favorite trick, so I am excited for you to learn it!

Introduction into Ground work

this tutorial provides a complete introduction to ground work & teaches three tricks. the front sweep, the back sweep, and the Pocket Knife. A fun tutorial with some easy, relaxing tricks.

Cork swing cork & tips on Icy corks

I can talk about corks all day! Cork is discussed as a repetitive technique. The goal of this tutorial is to improve your comfort & consistency with the cork. while applying an Icy technique.

General Conditioning for trickers

A routine for conditioning is presented as it relates to tricking. special attention is paid to the legs & core as they are the base for most flips seen in tricking.

Cart wrap full tutorial

The cart wrap full is explained as a set-up. The technique is described from the cartwheel & I pay special attention to the blocking of the wrap full in order to perfect wrap full as a set-up.

Cork Turoial

After creating the "mastering your cork" tutorial, I wanted to have a video for trickers who dont have their cork, but still wish to progress. this is a pure tutorial meant to teach a tricker how to progress to landing their first cork. 

Aerial Twist tutorial

the aerial twist is described from the aerial. The technique is separated in various parts. describing the aerial twist set, twist, & landing. progression is mentioned regarding turning the single A twist into a double.


E-Kick tutorial

the E-Kick is a fun transition that branches directly from the touchdown hook. Technique is described as well as aesthetic variations for the E-Kick. 

General Flexibility for Trickers

Flexibility for trickers at any skill level. this is a routine to build flexibility as well as diagnose sore muscles. this is a routine to perform at home in your spare time. 

Gainer Hook

A tutorial focusing on a progression surrounding the gainer hook. Special attention is paid to comfort & hip turnover within the gainer hook.

Raiz Twist Tutorial

The raiz twist combines the raiz set with the twisting technique of the butterfly twist. The raiz twist is the main prerequisite to the snapu-swipe, one of the hardest tricks to master.

Grand Master swipe tutorial

A creative transition that uses the same muscle set as an aerial & a cart wheel. The GMS takes the momentum from the previous trick & uses it to whip the body into a second flip. 

back flips & back flip variations

back flip is taught from a positional perspective. the bodily positions needed are defined & described as they apply to the base trick as well as back flip variations.

Double leg Tutorial

Double leg is one of the hardest kicks to learn, but one of the most aesthetically pleasing tricks in this sport. the Double leg combines a flip with a powerful two legged swiping motion. 

Gumbi | The Start of the Raiz Chain

The first step to learning the snapu-swipe is to master the gumbi. This lesser known trick is the start to all raiz variations as it is the safest to learn with both hands being used as support. 

Raiz tutorial

A tutorial that approached the raiz from two different perspectives. the first being the biomechanics approach, where the technique is dissected. the second being a progressive approach, showing how prerequisites relate to the raiz.

Snapu-swipe tutorial

a tutorial describing one of the most elusive moves in all of tricking. The snapu-swipe combines the raiz, the side swipe, and the butterfly twist in order to create a mind numbing trick. 

Cart front & cart Full

The cart wheel is used as a set-up in order to learn the front tuck as well as the full. The set-up is used as a point of familiarity as we branch into the first inversions.

Side Swipe & the swipe variation

The side swipe is taught using the raiz a combination of drills & martial technique. Injury prevention is discussed in relation to the swipe variation.

Tricking Gainer Tutorial

A tutorial based on the tricking gainer. In tricking an athlete uses the momentum of their swing leg to throw their body into a back flipping motion. The swing progression begins with the gainer.

Shuriken cork BoxCutter 

the most popular move of 2017. This trick was seen thrown in every major battle of the year. The trick combines two classical cork variations, the shuriken cork & the Boxcutter.

How To start tricking

A tutorial made for absolute beginner trickers. Three moves are taught including the tornado kick, pop 180 crescent, & the Butterfly Kick. I completely recommend this tutorial if you do not know where to start in your tricking journey.

Coin Drop Tutorial

While tricking shares the coin drop with break dancing, the technique is very different. this tutorial highlights the difference in the two techniques.

Comboing Your Tricks

Being able to combo a skill shows that you understand the starting and terminal position of the trick. Having long consistent combos is a great way to train endurance for sessions & battles.

Mastering your Master Scoot

Master scoot has always been my favorite set-up. I get a great mix of power & control from the master scoot. It was a complete honor to finally give my perspective on this amazing trick.

Mastering your aerial 

An in-depth tutorial on the tricker style aerial. this tutorial has inspiration from the gymnastics technique as well as the Capoeira technique for the aerial.

Mastering your swings

A tutorial made to improve all your swings! Joint stacking is used to create long enduring swing chains. the arms are used to maintain balance as the legs drive the flip.  

Cheat 720 tutorial

A tutorial for the Cheat 720 which combines two prerequisite skills. tornado kick & step-over hook are used to create a path for progression. 

Wack Knife Tutorial

A tutorial on the wack knife variation starting from the 540 kick. the wack knife is created using a leg switch at the peak of the 540 crecent. 

Mastering your shuriken cork

A tutorial for the shuriken cork that begins from the perspective of a cork. From there, the differences are highlighted in order to drive you to the next skill.

Tricking Basic | Cart wheel

A tutorial which gives an in-depth view of the tricker cart wheel. The kinematics of the set-up are described in order to get the most powerful set-up possible. 

Tricking Basic Kicks | Round & Hook

The two most essential kicks in tricking. The base technique for each kick is explained from a TaeKwonDo perspective. Hip turn over is described as well as opposition. 

Mastering your Jack Knife

A video showing the differences between various jack knife techniques. Additionally, drills are given to create muscle memory & a clear understanding of the trick.

Mastering your Butterfly twist

A tutorial on the butterfly twist which provides conditioning for all butterfly tricks. The technique of the butterfly twist is explained in order to provide visualization. 

Box Cutter Progression

a tutorial that walks you through the progression from gainer to box cutter. various different skills are used to safely describe the technique behind the cork hyper hook. 

Mastering 540

A 540 tutorial that works directly from the tornado kick. explaining the difference between the mechanics of the hyper landing & kicking as you twist.

Mastering your cork double leg

A tutorial explaining the cork double leg in a progressive manner. The differences between a cork & cork variations are highlighted to create a skill dichotomy. 

Websters & variations

A tutorial for the webster that shows multiple techniques to complete the base trick. Variations are introduced so the webster can be individualized. 

Mastering your cart full hyper hook

A tutorial on the cart full hyper hook which pushes the importance of distinguishing between the gymnastics cart wheel VS the tricker cart wheel. Prerequisite skills are used to describe the process behind the hyper hook.

Pointing Toes & Leg Lines

Swinging with a straight leg is key when performing any flip & kicking with the in-step will show strong kicking technique. Drills, conditioning, & flexability are explained as they relate to pointed toes and leg lines. 

Mastering Your twisting

A tutorial designed to improve your twisting. The core acrobatic principles of twisting are explained in a way that can apply to all twisting tricks from singles to triples. 

Mastering Your Touch-down Raiz

A tutorial that took a holistic view of the touch-down Raiz prerequisite skills, set-up technique,  & showing conditioning. The touch-down raiz is one of the most common skills in tricking & one of the strongest set-ups. 

Mastering Your Cheat 900

A tutorial on the cheat 900 which puts stress on the progressive nature of tricking as a sport. a three move progression is used to create comfort with the body positions used in a cheat 900.

Mastering Your Gainer Switch

A tutorial on the gainer switch which highlighted the importance of drilling to build conditioning & endurance. Long chains of gainer switches show that you have consistency over your swings.


Mastering your Cork

This was the first tutorial that began the Mastering series. In this tutorial I explain the breakdown of how to "Master" a skill while DISCUSSING cork progression & technique.